Stephan Schenk

14 pictures of World War One battlefields, on ADOX MCC 110 silver gelatin Baryta paper, 55 x 41.5 cm.
Hand prints by Madlaina Campell and Stephan Schenk, Len
The prints were created as part of the artist's book Kreuzweg (The Way of the Cross) and have been published in a one-time run of 7 copies and 2 EA.

Hartmannsweilerkopf, France
Tannenberg, Poland
Tsingtau, China
Tanga, Tanzania
Gorlice/Tarnow, Poland
Przemysel, Poland
Gallipoli, Turkey
Skagerrak, Denmark
Verdun, France
Somme, France
Flanders, Belgium
Chemin des Dames, France
Isonzo, Italy
Marne, France