Dario Cortese
Les chants noirs, les tours d’ivoire –
Die schwarzen Gesänge, die Elfenbeintürme

With texts and 20 lithographs by Dario Cortese on white Zerkall mould made paper, 150 g/m², text in Garamond 18 pt, hand-set, French/German, hand-bound, 35.4 x 30.3 cm, 90 pages, book cover printed with lithograph, embossed spin.
Printed in the "Druckatelier am Buchdruckerweg", Bern, by Dario Cortese and Ernst Schär. The hand-made bindings were produced in the Atelier für Grafik-, Foto- und Schriftgut­restau­rierung Michael Rothe, Bern.
Print-run of 25 numbered copies. Five additional artist's copies not intended for sale carry the numbers EA I-V.
An edition with 9 hand-tinted lithographs was produced in connection with the artist's book.

For the past year Dario Cortese has been using an abandoned house in the middle of a village as his studio. He is aware of a strong feeling of estrangement, an anonymous presence and work amid the ceaseless village activity outside. A kind of ivory tower in which the artist shuts himself away so that he can complete his work. A few drawings, fragments of words that narrate the coming and going of the artist have been preserved and find their place in the artist's book. The songs narrate the wandering; the words, the rhythms and rhymes. The tower symbolises contemplation; the pictures, lines and colours.

Dario Cortese