Martin Kaufmann
Hin & Her

With texts, 39 relief prints and 4 lithographs by Martin Kaufmann on white Zerkall mould made paper, 145 g/m², text in Folio-Grotesk light, hand-set, hand-bound, embossed, 28 x 34 cm, 88 pages.
The relief prints, lithographs and texts were printed in the "Druckatelier am Buchdruckerweg" in Bern by Ernst Schär and Julia Steiner. The hand-made binding was produced in the Atelier für Grafik-, Foto- und Schriftgutrestaurierung Michael Rothe, Bern.
Print run of 25 numbered copies. Five additional artist's copies not intended for sale carry the numbers EA I-V.
An edition with 8 relief prints was produced in connection with the artist's book. Other publications on Martin Kaufmann in Verlag Rothe Drucke: Hölderlin, bild-buch

Watching books, reading pictures
Pictures are usually watching with their backs to the wall as opposed to books which turn their backs to you. On the shelf the position doesn't matter. You read from the bottom up with your head tilted to the left or from the top down with your head tilted to the right). If you hold the spine of the book like a telescope towards the pole star and turn the pages slowly (one degree every four minutes) from morning through midday until evening, it will take you half a day to change from the odd page in the east to the even page in the west. In the summer it will take you about four hours more and in the winter four hours less (depending on the latitude of your reading place). The page will always point to the sun and the result will be a quiet, shadowless, anti-clockwise reading. The sun behind you only sees the edge of the page, your back and everything else that shows itself to it. At the equator it is easy to orientate the book: simply lay it down flat and you will always get a twelve hour day. In polar regions the book stands upright. Here, days can be so long that the book is overstretched (midnight sun) or the book stays closed altogether (polar night).
By the way: a bolide is a very bright, strong shooting star which travels across the sky for such a long time, that you can bring a person's attention to it and they will still be able to see it. And wish NOITAKINUMMOK.

Martin Kaufmann