Matias Spescha

With 5 etchings, 3 lithographs and 11 lino-cuts by Matias Spescha and a text by Flurin Spescha on white Zerkall mould made paper, 145 g/m², hand-bound, embossed, 38.6 x 30.5 cm, 68 pages.
The etchings were printed in the Atelier Peter Stiefel in Kilchberg, the lithographs were printed in the Thomi Wolfensberger litho­graphy workshop, Zurich and the lino-cuts were printed in the Druckerei Studer AG, Horgen. The hand-set texts were printed in Univers by Ernst Schär in the "Druckatelier am Buchdruckerweg" in Bern. The hand-made bindings were produced in the Atelier für Grafik-, Foto- und Schriftgutrestaurierung Michael Rothe, Bern.
Print run of 25 numbered copies. Five additional artist's copies not intended for sale carry the numbers EA I–V.
An edition with 4 prints was produced in connection with the artist's book.

I gladly accepted the invitation extended by Michael Rothe to design a limited edition book with original prints and accompanying text.
Even at our very first meeting, I became aware of Michael Rothe's passion for unusual books and prints. Not only have I had a lifelong interest in original prints as a specialist field in the fine arts, they have, over the decades, provided me with a constant cue when seeking to pursue my own work.
At the time of the enquiry about the book, my physical activities were restricted for health reasons. Large-format pictures were out of the question, though design work such as this was very welcome.
I am very pleased with the "Karambolaschen" text in Romansh and German by my nephew Flurin Spescha, who unfortunately died at an early age, which he wrote for me for the book accompanying the retrospective in Kunsthaus Aarau, as it draws an interesting parallel between the game of billiards and the way I work in the studio.
The working relationship with Druckatelier Peter Stiefel, etchings, Ernst Egli, Druckerei Studer, linocuts, Thomi Wolfensberger, lithographs, Ernst Schär-Lemblé, text and Verlag Michael Rothe, Bern, was most enjoyable and augurs well for this edition being successful.

Matias Spescha